They make videos. I make imagines.

I make imagines for youtubers you may know! Such as Jack and Finn Harries, Marcus Butler, Alfie Deyes, Sam Pepper, Caspar Lee, Connor Franta, Jc Caylen, Sam Pottorff, Kian Lawley, and Ricardo Ordieres..

Leave suggestions!! Love you all!

26. June 2013

You’re babysitting your best friend’s baby girl while she is out for the night. Your fiancé, Alfie, comes over to help. Later on you find him in there rocking her to sleep. You slowly creep in as he lays her down in the crib. He smiles down at her then back at you and whispers, “I can’t wait to have one with you.”

23. June 2013

Going to the beach with Jc and just goofing around.


Jc Caylen. :)
Josh Sobo collage. :)
Here it is!! A Malfie collage!
The amazing Connor Franta.

Jc trying to teach you how to longboard.
“Okay, Y/N, now put your other foot on the board.”
“Come on! I won’t let you fall. I promise.”
He slides he hand down your arm and intertwined his fingers with yours to keep you steady. I looked up at him then back down to my feet as I slowly put placed my other foot on the board. He quickly let go of my hand and gripped my hips.
“Ready, I’m about to let go. Okay?” He spoke.
You took a deep breath, “Ready.”
He slowly let go and gave you a tiny push as you began rolling down the road.
As you slowly ride down the road you hear Jc yell, “There you go!”
You smile to yourself.
You keep moving when you feel the board get unsteady underneath you and before you can catch yourself your body falls to the pavement.
Before you know it you hear Jc running towards you.
“Are you okay, Y/N?” He exclaims kneeling at your side.
“I’m fine.” You reply as you slowly sit up.
“Are you sure? Your knee looks like it is scraped up pretty bad.”
“I’ll be fine.” You try to stand but your knee can’t hold you.
Jc quickly grabbed you , “Yeah. Y/N, you’re not okay.” He laughed as he turned his back to you, “Here hop on.”
You jumped on his back and he carried you back to his house and sat you on the front porch steps and quickly ran inside.
Within seconds later he appeared back on the porch with a first aide kit.
Once he tended your wound he asked, “Is that better?”
“A lot. Thanks Jc.” You smiled at him.
He smiled at you but in a different way then normal. You watched his eyes as they quickly glanced down at your lips then back up to your eyes.
He started to move in closer and before you knew it his lips were pressed against yours.
You pulled away and smiled, “I’ve been waiting for you to do that for a long time.”
Before closing the space between you two again.